KFC Turns 5o

KFC generates huge reach and awareness for their 50th birthday celebration using a TikTok 3D branded effect.

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GOLD Winner at the MMA Smarties Awards 2023, Social Media Marketing.

KFC Turns 50

KFC wanted to sizzle and drive awareness for their 50th birthday celebration.  

The challenge encouraged participants to celebrate with KFC by dancing to the official birthday anthem while using the 3D Branded Effect #KFCTurns50. The effect was the first 3D branded effect on TikTok in South Africa and turned the user into Colonel Sanders. Launching the HTC with popular local creators and running TopView, ensured high engagement and boosted consideration and the demand they were after. The campaign was more than a flash in the fryer, the humorous and engaging videos from creators amassing a massive 168M video views on 31K user-generated content videos garnering 11.5M total engagements. The branded effect was a major success with 5.4M video views with 47K total engagements

In addition, KFC received overwhelmingly positive comments from the TikTok community with over 390K comments delivering joy and brand love supporting #KFCTurns50. What a finger-lickin’ success!


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