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Entravision is a Global Advertising Partner to Pinterest

Why Pinterest

Pinterest is an inspirational platform that consumers use to envision the life they dream.


Objectives for South African Advertisers:

  • Reach out to international consumers

  • Boost brand awareness outside your local market

  • Drive purchase intent from consumers overseas

  • Increase conversions with relevant content

Consumers will leave Pinterest with more than just inspiration.


More effective vs Social


More effective than Display


More effective vs Video


Normally, consumers don’t know what they want when they first visit Pinterest.


While consumers first explore without a brand in mind, they leave Pinterest selecting one.


The inspiration that consumers find on Pinterest might generate a high ROI.


of searches are unbranded


Drives 10x the search of brands


Spend more as a result of Pinterest

Advertising Opportunities

Boost your brand with Pinterest ad formats

Standard Pin

Drive your objectives through both Home Feed & Search

Standard Video

Use video for both upper funnel & performance goals

Video Max Width

The perfect format for branding campaigns

Shopping Pin

Create shopping pins and connect your product feed


Multiple products so users can shop your entire collection for both upper funnel & performance goals


Highlight the facets of your product within a single Pin

Awareness Campaigns

Ad formats to build awareness

Ideas are the most powerful here. Use ad formats that draw users attention in clear and concise ways.

Video is your friend as Pinners are consuming more video than ever before – we’ve seen a +28% increase in video keyword searches, +799% YoY increase in video content and 964m video views per day on our platform.


  • Standard Pin
  • Standard Video
  • Max-Width Video

Consideration Campaigns

Ad formats for driving consideration

The best way to educate a user is to expand your messaging to help them compare various products, and learn more about your brand benefits.

There are a number of ad formats to help you with this. Consider a Standard Anatomy Pin, or a format that allows for multiple creatives in one unit, such as:


  • Standard Pin
  • Carousels
  • Collections

Conversion Campaigns

Ad formats to get conversions

Make things easy for users who know exactly what they want, and deploy a combination of Standard Pins, Collection and Shopping ads to help them make their purchase experience seamless.

Collections can be used alongside shopping ads as an upselling format in conversion as it drives larger basket sizes. This is a great opportunity to inspire users to “complete the look” or shop products that other users have also purchased.

  • Standard Pin
  • Shopping
  • Collections


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