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Transparent DSP Engineered for Growth. Your solution for user acquisition, retargeting and branding campaigns. 

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Smadex is a Mobile Growth Platform that powers performance, direct response and brand advertising campaigns across in-app, mobile web, audio and CTV. 

With transparency and contextual targeting at its core, customers can rely on Smadex as a trusted partner to run privacy-centric advertising campaigns with optimised creative strategies to deliver performance.

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We can do more than just deliver ads.


Combine strategies to acquire users, reduce churn and maximize ROAS.


Awareness Campaigns: Improve your brand recognition among your audience with targeted awareness campaigns.

Brandformance Campaigns: Reach your CPA goals targeting a specific audience with brand safety.


The go-to programmatic advertising platform engineered to help marketers achieve sustainable growth with full transparency. We do more than just deliver ads.

Multidimensional Reporting No black boxes. Combine more than 350 variables on Smadex’s reporting tool to get the insights you always dreamed of.

Top-Notch Technology: Ads can be matched to users with advanced targeting including frequency cap, granular real-time reporting and quality control features.

Team With Expertise: Technology is great, but human touch makes it better. Every campaign Is thoroughly analyzed and optimized by our team to guide you to success.


Managed Service: Our team will manage your campaigns with thorough expertise in every stage.

Hybrid Service: Work alongside Smadex’s team. Join forces to manage campaigns.

Self Service: Take full control of our platform and manage your campaigns in-house with our Whitelabel solution.