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Vodacom connects with GenZ and sees 51% lift in product awareness for their #NXTLVLYou youth product

The Context

To promote their new youth brand, NXT LVL, and to connect with their pipeline audience, GenZ, Vodacom launched a hashtag challenge that highlighted their key brand belief: #NXTLVLYou empowers you to do more, share more, learn more, earn more, be more.

The Excution

Vodacom wanted to drive awareness and participation in #NXTLVLYou campaign amongst the GenZ audience. The theme of this HTC was “Show us your NXT LVL by joining the challenge with Vodacom. Bring your unique flava and let’s go further together.”

Vodacom ran a Branded Hashtag Challenge, a solution offering the perfect balance between creating mass exposure and community engagement, allowing them to reach hundreds of thousands of users ready to express their creativity.


The Vodacom Branded Hashtag Challenge exceeded all expectations. The #NXTLVLreaching 2.4M users and the video was viewed more than 1.7M times during the 6-day duration of the campaign. The TopView garnered an impressive 4.2M impressions with over 130K engagements.

The campaign delivered beyond expectations, amassing wide reach and exposure and intriguing the audience to participate. The campaign also boosted product awareness and purchase intent, showing the TikTok community’s creative and collaborative spirit (and appetite for dancing)


Hashtag Challenge | TopView | InFeed


Lift in Product Awareness


Lift in Product Purchase intent


Lift in purchase intent

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